Meet Our Team

Our people are our greatest strength.

Our Team

Expertise, excellence, aptitude, IQ, and character; bringing together the types of talent who look for opportunities to push past what’s possible and achieve the imaginable – our accomplishments are a result of our exemplary team.

Andrew Rashkow

CEO and Founder

Scott Mandell

Scott Mandell


Shehzad Hoosein

Executive Vice President

Dan Einzig

Chief Brand Officer

Christian Sweeney

Vice President of Science and Technology​

Matt Hepfinger

Vice President of Commercialization​

Daniela Garzon

Director of Innovation​

Addae Jones

Director of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs​

Megan Rimovsky, Esq.

Director of Intellectual Property​

Skyler Webb

Director of Product Development

Jacqueline Harding, Ph.D.

Biotechnology Scientist

Min Choi

Min Choi, Ph.D.

Intellectual Property Analyst

Cody King

Analytical Scientist​

Dylan Dartnell

Commercialization Project Engineer​

Tristin Thompson

Sensory Scientist

Akhil Bajaj

Nano Scientist​

Andy Levin

Director of Client Services

Taylor Mathiason

Product Development Technician​

Jake Glimco

Jake Glimco

Digital Marketing Manager

Dan Hemenway

Dan Hemenway

Digital Marketing Specialist

Patrycja Bronowicz

Patrycja Bronowicz

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Jacob Hicks

Jacob Hicks

Packaging Engineer

Emily Stoffel

Emily Stoffel

Sensory Analyst

Spencer Hoernes

Spencer Hoernes

Product Development Technician

Charity Riesgraf

Charity Riesgraf

Commercialization Process Engineer

April Stamper

April Stamper

Administrative Assistant / HR

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