World-class R&D, proprietary technologies, astounding product manufacturing and trusted brands

Cannabistry is the leader in cannabis-infused products. We’ve developed proprietary technologies that fuel the creation of demonstrably and measurably better products and superior brands.

Our product formulations, extraction and manufacturing technologies, and packaging concepts and designs span multiple product categories and focus on several different biological pathways.  From oral thin film and transdermal patches to beverages, tinctures and topicals, Cannabistry’s products are always demonstrably better in ways that are measurable and testable.  

Each Cannabistry brand has won industry awards, and generates genuine enthusiasm by having a unique, authentic and distinct voice to effectively target its consumer base whether in the medical, wellness or lifestyle verticals.


Since our inception in 2014, Cannabistry has drawn upon many years of successful experience in the food, flavor and pharmaceutical industries. We have made substantial investments in scientific and engineering personnel, laboratory equipment and facilities, and information technology and systems to create the most robust platform for cannabis product research and development in the world.

To create demonstrably better products, we focused on improving quantitative analytical methods, production processes, product formulations and packaging innovation in order to deliver powerfully effective, reliably consistent, condition-specific products with accelerated time of onset.

Among Cannabistry’s most significant scientific achievements to date; Hi-Phi™ nature-identical extraction, B-Line™ nano-emulsion accelerated activation technology, Ferofide™ natural cannabinoid preservation system, and Cantography™ rapid plant-mapping serve as innovation platforms upon which product differentiation in multiple product categories has been achieved resulting in significantly higher levels of consumer satisfaction



We have launched a best-in-class manufacturing facility located right in the middle of the Green Triangle in Santa Rosa, California. Designed to be highly flexible and efficient, our facility is capable of producing multiple form factors including edibles, beverages, infused pre-rolls, topicals, smokable extracts, vape pens and cartridges. With dedicated on site R&D and quality laboratories, we are perfectly positioned to bring the highest quality new products to the market.

Thought Leadership

Cannabistry’s accomplished team of executives and directors are leveraging their academic and professional expertise to provide a more sophisticated perspective on the issues and challenges facing the cannabis industry as it develops and matures.

Our active participation in a host of industry associations, publications and events is consistent with our commitment to contribute to the industry’s advancement so that public policy makers, healthcare providers and academic institutions can positively engage in the industry with increasing confidence.

About Cannabistry

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