Andrew Rashkow

CEO and Founder

Andrew started Cannabistry Labs in 2014 in response to inquiries he received from several leading cannabis pioneers. Upon further research, he came to appreciate the challenges state licensed growers and manufacturers faced as they endeavored to develop consistent, effective and reliable cannabis products. Recognizing the potential value of uniting best-in-class scientists and engineers with proven research and development methods, the company was launched with the goal of building a library of intellectual properties to catalyze the industry into realizing its fullest potential.

Andrew is also the Chairman and CEO of Imbibe, a world leader in beverage, flavor and ingredient systems production and development. Imbibe works in nearly every beverage category to create the products that in turn make many leading brand owners and foodservice providers stand apart. Imbibe operates a scientific innovation center and pilot plant in Niles, Illinois where nearly 100 scientists, engineers and regulatory specialists work in sync to bring its customers’ visions to life.

Andrew is also a co-founder of Heaven’s Door Spirits along with Marc Bushala and Bob Dylan.

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