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Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Andrew Rashkow – CEO of Imbibe and a founding partner of Heaven’s Door premium whiskey with Bob Dylan – Cannabistry focused from inception on bringing traditional and proven research and product development to an industry that was fixated on growing and selling weed. Over the ensuing years, a broad portfolio of product innovation emerged from a top-notch team of scientists and engineers working in a best-in-class dedicated research and development laboratory and pilot plant in Denver, Colorado. The industry’s most comprehensive double-blind sensory and experience panels provided the data that validated each achievement.

Knowing that better products by themselves are not a business but an opportunity, outstanding brands embodying the ethos of different product groups were created to connect with the right consumers. A separate in-depth brand positioning and marketing strategy was also developed for each brand with the understanding that a great logo and name are the very first step in the building process and not the last.

Cannabistry has every necessary element – the brands, products, sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution – to ensure that our California retail partners and consumers experience better.

From beverage and food to pharmaceutical experts, to storied entrepreneurs and pioneering cannabis scientists, to excellence in engineering, regulatory and IP stars, to thought leaders and marketing gurus; our accomplishments are a result of our exemplary team.

Our people are our greatest strength! If you’re looking for a career in cannabis, you clicked the right link. Join us, and you’ll do the best work of your life while impacting people’s lives in one of the most exciting industries today – the legalized cannabis space.

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