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The Root of It All™ Makes Debut in 13 Native Roots Dispensaries

TR Concentrates, producer behind The Root of It All™ cannabis-infused essential remedies designed for everyday conditions in Colorado, today announced that their product line will be available in 13 Native Roots locations across Colorado.

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Cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot? Just call it a job machine

After a decade in pharmaceutical marketing at companies including Gilead Sciences, Julie Raque recently became the vice president for marketing at Cannabistry Labs, a cannabis research and testing company in Chicago.

As seen in; The New York Times, The Bulletin

Improving development of legal cannabis gummies

The market for gummies has grown more diversified, and producers are improving and streamlining operations to better compete.

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The Gummy Market Matures

Cannabis Products Magazine

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Cannabistry Labs R&D Executive on Why Research is Key to Creating Safe, Legal Marijuana Products

With recreational marijuana already legalized in 10 states plus the District of Columbia and more states expected to legalize in 2019, research into safe and effective marijuana products is becoming increasingly important.

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